Anne Finstad : Ashtanga Yoga

When Anne Finstad began her practice of Ashtanga yoga in 1996, she was unable to touch her toes. Some 17 years later, she has made six trips to India to study with Shri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson R Sharath and has received their blessing to teach this practice as it was taught to her. She has been teaching since 2001.

Known for her gentle and loving approach to the fierce practice of Ashtanga Yoga, she specializes in working with beginners, those with injuries, and those with other special circumstances that require a more patient approach to the practice of Ashtanga. She believes that ANYONE can practice Ashtanga Yoga, given love, commitment, and a sense of humor. She sees and has experienced this practice as a way to grow, transform, transcend, and to become yourself.

Anne teaches morning and evening Mysore classes at Yoga is Youth in Moutain View, CA. Please check their website for more details. She is also available for private instruction in the San Francisco South Bay and Penninsula.
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